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At Spin Paint House,
Spin your way into Art.

A space dedicated to mess, to expression, to play.

Carefully designed Spin Art tables crafted with you in mind. Adjustable Rotations Per Minute based on your own energy - high RPM speed for amazing diffusion effects or slow it down for a sleek wave from the pendulums and trapezes.
Ergonomic tables let you create momentum comfortably & our different models for adults and kids make it fun and safe for all ages.
Capture or live stream the entire process - it can be as valuable as the final artwork!
We also have a cool splatter painting studio in Singapore, Splat Paint House, and a unique art jamming studio in Dubai, Wild Paint House. Come and visit! Fun times guaranteed!


Book a timeslot, or walk in.

Dress in clothes that you do not mind getting dirty. Aprons provided, but paint flies far!


A short briefing.

Our hosts will introduce you to Spin Art and some techniques. It’s not a class, but will inspire you to get those creative juices flowing! Choose your paint colours.


Spin time!

Head to your assigned booth and start creating! No one knows how it'll turn out, probably not even you. Spin Art is fun with company, so each table fits two comfortably.


Canvas completed.

“What separates the best artists from the good ones is knowing when to stop.” We made that up. You decide when you are done! Leave it on our racks to dry, and perhaps create another one. Different size/shape canvases available.


An artist is born.

Paintings generally take 48 hours to dry. Come pick up your masterpiece or arrange for delivery!

Spin Art is not just Science,
it goes way back...

Notable Spin Art Artists

Since the 1960s spin art can be seen in the works of certain contemporary artists. The artists often have to build their own machines to achieve the speed they desire and accommodate large canvases. With the rise of the internet, it has taken on a performative element.

Damien Hirst

Damien Hirst first discovered spin paintings when he was nine years old. “Every time they’re finished, I’m desperate to do another one,” he once said of his spin paintings. For Hirst, the chaotic, circular movement of these works represent life itself, and the accessibility of the spin painting technique showed that anyone can be an artist. The late rock legend David Bowie famously came to Hirst’s studio to collaborate on a spin painting in 1995.


Swarez is a self-taught British artist using enamel paints to create large pieces of Spin Art using a custom-made rotating table capable of taking the weight of a human.

Callen Schaub

Callen Schaub is an artist based in Montreal, Canada. He is recognized for his vibrant paintings using trapezes, pendulums, and spinning machines. Schaub openly shares his painting process with viewers and inspires fans everywhere to participate in his "Fake Art" movement. He treats his process almost like a performative piece and has turned them into NFTs.

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